Pixie Hollow: The End.

Hello Pixies.

It’s time to move on.

I’ve tried to log into FairyABC for a while, and it kept sending me the same loading message, which would never even load. After sending many, MANY emails to Disney, and Robert Iger, the one who created Pixie Hollow, I’ve come to a realization.

Pixie Hollow isn’t coming back.

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Is it too late now to say Sorry?

Yeah I know I let you down, is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

What’s up everyone!


Yeah okay it’s supposed to be summer, fun in the sun, nature, bugs, sun. Sun, sun SUN.

But I just happened to catch a cold, and to make things worse, I have a stomach virus, so I have to stay home for a while, and it hurts to BREATH, and it hurts to MOVE and I’m basically in so much pain right now haha

Sorry I haven’t been posting, but it’s because of that. I’m not allowed to go on my computer until I’m better, according to my parents, but at least you know the reason why.

As for the blog challenge, I’m going to restart it after I’m better, and most likely do it in August or September.


Sorry I have to make this short, but i thought I should let you all know why I haven’t been posting.

Hopefully I’ll get better soon!

Fly with you all,


Phone Case Of The Month Review: July

Hello Hello!

It is VERY hot outside today, like I can’t get out of my house because of how hot it is, it’s like 105° 😶

But I got a new phone case in the mail! Yes, I know, Raven is going to yell at me…Again😂

But hey, shoutout to Raven, the gal who drinks too much tea, and has the heart to tell me I’m insane for this, love ya Raven, but you can’t blame me, right?😇

Go check out Raven’s blog here:


Yes, I know a lot of you have been telling me that i could get an Ipsy bag for that money, and yes, I do love makeup, and I probably will subscribe to the Ipsy website, but not at the moment. I’m trying different subscriptions, and let’s save Ipsy, the best for last!

So let’s get started on that review!

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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Hello Hello Hello! How’s everyone doing?

I was going to post this today, but there was a HUGE storm where I live, and it was raining, and thundering and just STORMING like the clouds were laughing evilly at us, like they were making a plan on how to take over the world.. Theory of the day😂

So my parents turned off the wifi router because we live around trees, and had to get a new router from last times BOOM router situation, sooo yeah..


Today I am officially starting the 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE!




  2. I love MUFFINS
  3. I love traveling
  4. I drink WAY too much tea and coffee(tea is better though)
  5. My favorite sport is soccer
  6. I’m obsessed with DIYs
  7. I have a weird habit of eating healthier and exercising
  8. I’m right handed
  9. I wear makeup everyday, unless there is like a relaxing day
  10. My birthday is November 27, I was born on Thanksgiving, so I am a turkey.
  11. I think cats are better than dogs
  12. I think Batman is better than Superman, BATGIRL
  13. I have brown eyes, but I would love to have either purple, green or blue eyes
  14. When something falls off my bed, I leave it down there unless I absolutely HAVE to get it, like my life depends on it
  15. My favorite fruits are strawberries and kiwis
  16. I am NOT a morning person, AT ALL
  17. I want to be a video game designer after high school! PIXIE HOLLOW REMAKER!
  18. I don’t have a middle name
  19. If I had a billion dollars, I would give half of it to charity
  20. My favorite colors are pink and green


Those are the ones I could think of from the top of my head, haha

If you’re wondering about the Pixie Hollow remake, I’m actually serious about re-making Pixie Hollow! I swear on my keyboard😂

I hope you enjoyed my little fact list!


Stay tuned for Day 2!


30 Day Blog Challenge

Yoooo, what’s up everyone? Today I am starting a new CHALLENGE!

Yes that’s write, get it write? Like right? Because it’s a blog?😂


I’m going to be doing the 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE

So, here’s what I’m going to be posting about:



I found this picture on Peter Monn’s page, because I didn’t really know how a 30 Day Blog Challenge worked until I read his page, you can read his post here:



So here’s what I’m thinking, I go on a lot of blogs, and I mean A LOT. I enjoy reading them, but most people just post about ideas, what they’re interested in, or news. That doesn’t really tell us anything about the blogger, so I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all a little bit about me every day, without it being one big HUGE speech that’s going to take you hours to read.

I really, REALLY ask for all bloggers to do this, so we can learn a bit more about you, and then nominate another blogger to do it!

It doesn’t have to be this specific picture above, you can find another one, or make up your own!

Let’s learn a bit more about you!

I’m starting Day 1 tomorrrow!


That’s it for now!

Spread the word, repost!